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Different Types Of Power Chairs


Power Chairs are electric wheelchairs that are run by battery powered engines. They are generally reserved for customers who will spend most of their awake-time in the chair. The chairs use joysticks and remotes to control movement and get you where you need to go. They are sometimes referred to as “Hoverounds”. These days, there are tons of different options to choose from to fit your needs the best. Lets take a look at some of the different types of motorized or powered electric wheelchairs.

Portable Power Wheelchairs

Portable power chairs are great for everyday home use or for shorter riding distances. These are incredibly simple options for riders wanting a travel-sized power chair to get them from point A to point B. It’s also great for helping people remain active and independent for all of their daily needs. In contrast to manual wheelchairs, motorized wheelchairs work on an electric engine and battery, and move with joined joysticks or directing shafts to help its rider wherever they go.

Pride Jazzy Passport Folding Power Chair


Pride Jazzy Elite ES Portable Power Chair


Elevating-Seat Capable Power Wheelchairs

These wheelchairs are great for helping you achieve more seat versatility and offer many other valuable advantages as well. Chairs with an elevating seat allow the user the ability to bring themselves to eye-level with most people. They allow the user the ability to raise up to counters and other times that they need to be elevated.


Pride Jazzy Air 2 Power Chair



Pride Jazzy Select 6 2.0 Power Chair


Full-Size Power Wheelchairs

The full-size power chairs will be bigger than any standard size and are a great all-around for anyone. For people suffering from restricted movement, full-size electric wheelchairs are a great alternative for mobility. These types of wheelchairs will typically last longer than their travel sized counterparts. The large seats of full-size power chairs is also an added benefit of comfort for its user. They support a high weight of the user.


Pride Jazzy Elite ES Power Chair


Pride Jazzy Elite 14 Power Chair


Heavy Duty Power Wheelchairs

With weight limits up to 700 pounds, heavy-duty power wheelchairs are great for long days and larger capacities. What they sacrifice in portability they make up for durability and stability. We have several outstanding choices available for Heavy Duty Power wheelchairs.


Pride Jazzy Elite HD Power Chair


Pride Jazzy 614 HD Power Chair


How To choose the Right Drive System

Front Wheel Drive Power Wheelchair

The front-wheel-drive can be very beneficial for several reasons. The biggest reason is that each of the four tires give more power than other drive wheel configurations. More coordination increases traction and front-wheel drive electric wheelchairs work better when driving on rough terrain, grass, or uneven gravel. Its large tires are able to easily move up curb or obstacles to pull the rest of the chair. Additionally, a 90-degree footrest will be there for better comfort.

Mid Wheel Drive Power Wheelchair

With the mid-wheel drive power chairs, the user’s center of gravity lies in the drive wheels center. This helps with maintaining a tighter turn radius. Mid-wheel drive wheelchairs also give a total 360-degree slant. This feature is especially helpful when using electric wheelchairs at home. Mid-wheel drive chairs also make it simple to explore entryways and other places with limited space. They are also extremely stable, having six wheels, which include four caster wheels and two drive wheels.

Rear Wheel Drive Power Chairs

Rear-wheel drive power chairs have two huge drive wheels at the base and two casters before the wheelchair base. The position of the drive wheel is the real driving force for this type of electric wheelchair. Rear-wheel-drive power chairs are easier to handle to give a smoother ride and usually have free suspension or safeguards on all wheels, offering better control to their users.


When choosing a power chair, you have to be clear about what you need the most. Researching brands as well as the type of chair is crucial to figuring out what’s going to work the best for you!

Which Power Lift Chair Recliner is Best for Me?

Which Power Lift Chair Recliner is Best for Me


If you have family members suffering from arthritis or struggling with getting up from a seated position, you may want to consider getting them a motorized power recliner chair, commonly known as a Lift Chair.

Power lift chairs offer fully motorized recline and lift positionand are great for seniors living on their own.If you are not sure how to choose a power lift chair, we have several options for you to choose from.

How to Find a Lift Chair that Fits You!  After you decide which type of chair you would like we recommend you Visit our Lift Chair Measuring Guide by clicking on this link.  https://htmia.com/lift-chairs/lift-chair-positions-measuring-guide.html


Here are the different types of recliner chairs you should know about…


  1. 2-Position Lift Chairs (click to see all 2 position chairs)


Two-position recliners are your standard chairs that allow you to relax in a straight position and a recline position. Thesechairs offer additional assistance for sitting down or standing up and are perfect if you are looking for comfort and support.

This recliner chair position is controlled by a remote, and is great for watching TV or reading afavorite book. Reasonably priced, these are an excellent choice for seniors wanting to keep things simple and are a great value when thinking of buying a lift chair.

Golden Capri 2 Position Lift Chair - Model PR200


Pride Heritage 2 Position Lift ChairLC-358XXL


  1. 3-Position Lift Chairs (click to see all 3 position chairs)

A three-position lift chair has a sitting position, a lifted position, a reading position and a recline position, which is sometimes called a "napping position". It is NOT a full recline. This is the most popular category for an electric recliner with a broad range of styles, features and prices to meet everyone's needs and budget.

Pride Essential 3 Position Lift Chair LC-105


Pride Heritage 3 Position Lift Chair LC-358L


Golden Comforter 3 position Lift Chair - Model PR501 Small - Tall


  1. Infinite Position Lift Chairs (click to see all Infinite Chairs)

Infinite position recliners give you the most freedom that you could want from a chair. Not only are they great for reclining, but they can also be as flat as a bed. Infinite position reclinershave a dual motor that adjusts the angle of your footrest and backrest through the hand controller, and also come with an integrated battery backup and a heavy-duty steel lift mechanism. This can helpeasily sit down or stand up at the touch of the button, making it perfect for anyone having difficulty doing so by themselves. Some of these chairs even offer back massage and heat options!


Positions: Infinite Positions including Lay/Flat and Trendelenburg.


Pride Infinity Collection Infinite Position Lift Chair LC-525iS


Pride Viva Lift Tranquil Infinite Position Lift Chair - Model Tranquil PLR-935M


Pride Oasis Infinite / Zero Gravity Position Lift Chair LC-580iM


  1. Zero-Gravity Lift Chairs (click to see all Zero Gravity Chairs)

These chairs are able to achieve the same positions as an Infinite Position chair plus the Zero-Gravity position.  The Zero-Gravity position is the most stress-free body position because weight distribution is equal throughout the body, alleviating pressure on the joints, neck, and back. The zero-gravity position was found by NASA to help astronauts endure the sudden and intense increases in gravity during takeoff. By placing them in this position, the weight is redistributed equally throughout their body, allowing the stress of takeoff to be distributed safely through their bodies. These lift chairs have 2 motors, allowing you to control the backrest and footrest separately. Zero gravity lift chairs are good for people who will be spending a lot of time and/or sleeping in the chair.

 Positions: Infinite Positions including Zero Gravity and Trendelenburg Positions.

Pride Oasis Infinite Position / Zero Gravity Capable Lift Chair LC-580iL


Golden Power Cloud with MaxiComfort Zero Gravity Lift Chair - Model PR-512

Golden Maxicomfort EZ Sleeper with Twilight | PR761


  1. Trendelenburg Position Lift Chairs (click to see all Trendelenburg Chairs)

Trendelenburg position recliners chairs come with some additional features that many of the other chairs are unable to provide.

TheTrendelenburg position is where your feet are elevated above your heart, and your heart is elevated above your head when sitting down. These chairs are specially designed for people suffering from congestive heart failure, hypotension, blood circulation disorders, neuropathy, diabetes, oedema, and swelling.They also come with two separate motors so that you can control the footrest and backrest independently.

Golden Maxicomfort EZ Sleeper with Twilight | PR761

Pride Oasis Infinite / Zero Gravity Position Lift Chair LC-580iM

Golden MaxicomfortDayDreamer Lift Chair | PR-632M


Power chairs come with many benefits to help users maintain their independence and support their mobility. All of these recliners are fully designed to provide you with maximum comfort and relaxation. With a wide variety of options suitable for any budget, you’re definitely going to find the chairs that works the best for you.



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