Mobility Batteries

How to Choose and Change Mobility Scooter or Power Wheelchair Batteries

How to Choose and Change Mobility Scooter or Power Wheelchair Batteries


How do I know if I need to replace my battery?

You should consider changing your mobility scooter battery only when:

●  Your scooter seems sluggish.
●  The range or amount of time your scooter runs is decreasing.
●  Your scooter does not start efficiently after a full charge.
●  Your scooter shuts down abruptly and refuses to get going again.

If these are some of the problems that you face regularly, you should be aware that the battery may be the problem in your mobility scooter or power wheelchair. To make sure that it does not give you any other problems, you must replace your mobility scooter batteries as soon as possible with new batteries.

Make sure your mobility scooter batteries are the same ones that you have been using so that
you are not presented with any new problems as well.

Choosing and changing your mobility scooter or power wheelchair batteries:

1. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on removing your batteries. If using a battery pack then remove screws on the underside of the pack and open it up. Your batteries will be located inside.
2. Unhook battery connectors to the device before trying to remove the battery leads
3. Unhook the battery leads
4. Read the Battery Label to find out what size battery your scooter is currently using.
5. Reorder the same style and same size batteries from HomeTown Mobility and we will ship them out directly to you! CLICK HERE TO ORDER BATTERIES!
6. Attach the battery leads to the new batteries and if using a battery pack then reattach in the same fashion that they were originally and screw together the pack
7. Reattach connectors to device or if using a battery pack then put the pack(s) on the scooter as instructed by manufacturer.
8. Power up the scooter or power chair

9. It is recommended to initially charge the new batteries overnight for best results.

What do the numbers mean on my battery?

Almost all scooter and electric wheelchairs have 12-volt batteries, but they are generally fitted in pairs to give an output of 24 volts. It is highly recommended that you make sure to swap out both batteries when changing or charging them to keep the pairs together. The battery outputis usually written on the side of the battery. It’s extremely important that you never mix and match batteries that have come from different battery manufacturers or technologies, and you also never match batteries that have different or expirations dates. Lastly, you should never mix GEL batteries with AGM or SLA batteries.

There are two major kinds of batteries that are used in mobility scooters: a Lithium IonBattery or an SLA (sealed lead acid) battery. Both batteries come sealed and are non-spillable and maintenance-free, but the main difference between them are their longevity and performance. 

Mobility Scooter batteries also designed with a specific Amp Hour (AH) rating that determines how long the battery charge will last when fully charged. The higher the AH rating the longer range you will generally get out the battery. Smaller scooters generally have lower AH batteries like 12AH or 18AH and the larger scooters have larger AH batteries like 35AH, 50AH, 75AH or 100AH.

What is a Lithium Ion Battery or Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) Battery?

Unlike a car battery where it’s just designed to start the car and support some other functions, the battery in your mobility scooter is designed to be the sole fuel source of the machine. A Lithium Ion Battery or SLA battery are designed to give a constant flow of power to the machine for a longer period of time. The battery has to be recharged fully after its power gets exhausted or afterANY use.

Most scooters use the SLA batteries but a select few use the Lithium Ion Battery. Lithium Ion Batteries generally have a long range but also have an increased risk of spontaneous fires and restrictions on travel on airplanes.

Active users of the wheelchairs or mobility scooters recharge their vehicles every day, so
you should make sure that the battery is completely charged before each use.












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