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***Note*** In order to make a reservation for tomorrow's date, the cutoff time is 5pm CST. 


Step 1.  

Choose your event above from the dropdown menu. For Rental Prices or information on any event

click on the “more info…” link from the Events List located to the right or click on the ? next to the event selection box above.

Step 2.  

Choose the gate location that you will pick up the rental.  You may click the ? above next to the gate selection for more

information on gate locations.  You may drop off unit at different location if needed.

Step 3.  

Choose the quantity of each type of rental unit you would like for the dates selected by clicking on the plus (+) and

minus (-) signs next to the product you want to rent.

Step 4.  

Click the “Add to cart” button to be taken to the shopping cart.

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Review your order for accuracy and then click Proceed to Checkout

***Note*** In order to make a reservation for tomorrow's date, the cutoff time is 5pm CST

Q1:  What is the Cost to rent the equipment and do I Pay at the time of the reservation?

A:   Prices vary from event to event. Check out our Calendar of Events and follow the instructions to find out the Rental Prices for each selected event.   Your credit card will be charged at the time your reservation is made.  

Q2:  What type of mobility equipment is available to rent?

A:  We offer Electric Scooters, Manual Wheelchairs, Wagons, and Strollers.  HOWEVER these choices vary from event to event.  We do not offer reservations for Wagons or Strollers but they can be rented on site on a first come first serve basis.  Check the Events Calendar to find out what items are available for rent at a specific event.

Q3:  Is my reservation held until I arrive?

A:   Yes,  We hold your reservation all day until you arrive.  This is the benefit for doing a reservation.   You are guaranteed a unit and you get it when it is convenient for you.  **NOTE** RESERVATIONS ARE FOR FULL-DAY RENTALS ONLY.

Q4:  Do you normally rent out ALL of your units?

A:  Typically yes, we rent out all of our equipment on a daily basis.  This is why we HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU MAKE A RESERVATION to guarantee a unit.

Q5:  Do you also take Phone-In Reservations?

A:    Yes,  we take phone-in reservations Mon-Friday 9am-5pm CST.  However there is a $5  Call -in reservation fee. Beginning the weekend before each event/fair we will be open 7 days a week from 9am - 5pm for questions and for call-in reservations. Reservations can also be made online at for no additional charge. 

Q6:  When do you stop taking reservations for the next day? 

A:  Online and Call-In reservations are stopped at 5 pm for any reservations needed at any event for following day.  You can make reservations for later dates online but unfortunately we cut-off reservations for the following day at any event at 5pm.  However we do hold back stock for walk-up customers.  (See next question.)

Q7:  Do you hold back any stock for walk-up customers?

A:  Yes,  We hold back a limited number of our fleet for walk-up customers.  Walk- ups are available first thing in the AM and typically again after 3pm at most events. All walk-up units are first come first serve.

Q8:  What is your Cancellation Policy?

A:  You must call to cancel your reservation at least 48 hours in advance.  You will receive a Full Refund minus (-) a $5 processing and handling fee.  Cancellations need to be done over the phone with a HTM representative in the home office 1-712-938-2029, a voicemail requesting a cancel does not warrant a refund.  You will need to have the same card you reserved your unit with in order for us to credit back your funds.

Q9:  Can I Change the Date of my reservation?

A:   Yes, but we require that you notify us 24 hours in advance of the reservation.  Changes are based upon availability.

Q10:  Do you give refunds if there is bad weather?

A:  Unfortunately we do not offer refunds due to bad weather.

Q11:  What time do you open for business at the events?

A:  To find out the Booth Opening Times, please scroll to the top of the page and on the List of Events (located on the right side of the page) click on the "more info" text of the event you want...


Q12:  Where are you located on the fairgrounds?

A:  See STEP 2, located at the top of this section, and follow the instructions to find our gate locations for a specific event.

Q13:  How do I get my rental unit?

A:  You choose a gate at the time of the reservation.  Show up at that gate location and proceed to our tent.  Let our employees know you have a reservation and provide them the Rider's Name the reservation is under.  We ask for a form of security such as Valid Driver license, State ID  or Military ID all of which need to have a photo of you.  WE SIMPLY SCAN THE ID's INFORMATION AND RETURN YOUR CARD RIGHT BACK TO YOU.  **A photo copy of your ID DOES not work, we require the original**  

Q14:  Is a confirmation number needed to pick up the rental unit?

A:  You are only given a confirmation number if you reserve online.   However, that number is not mandatory to have when you arrive. Typically, confirmation is the name of the rider.

Q15:  Do you stay open until the Grandstand Events or Concerts are over?

A:  Yes,  we remain open for an additional 20 minute grace period after the close of a major event in the grandstand.  You will be charged an additional $20 if the unit is returned after this grace period.  Most events have an 11pm return time but you will be informed when renting the unit of the time that rental unit needs to be returned. 

Q16:  Are there any age requirements to rent a scooter?

A:  You must be 18 years old to reserve and to drive a scooter.

Q17:  What do I do with my Walker, Cane, or Crutches during my rental?

A:  We will store your personal mobility aids at our location while you have the rental.  We also have crutch/cane holders that attach to the hitch of the scooter.  We provide use of these holders at no additional charge. 

Q18:  Does the scooter stay charged all day?

A:  Yes,  Our scooters are fully charged daily and will generally last all day on a single charge.  In the event that your scooter should stop or use up its charge, we bring you a new rental unit on the grounds.  We provide all customers with a Business Card that has our contact information at the fair for situations like this.

Q19:  Is there any weight restrictions on the scooters or wheelchairs?

A:  Wheelchairs are rated up to 450lbs and Scooters are rated up to 400lbs.

Q20:  Is my Credit Card billed upon reservation?

A:  Yes your credit card is charged at the time of making the reservation.  Refunds are available if you call us at least 48 hours in advance of the reservation.

Q21:  Can I pick up my rental at any of your gate locations?

A:  Yes, However you choose a gate when making a reservation and it is highly suggested that you go to that gate for quicker service.  We stock each gate nightly based upon the following day's reservations.  However, if you choose to go to another gate you may experience a delay if a scooter needs to be delivered from your original gate.

Q22:  Can I drop my scooter or rental unit off at a different location than I picked it up from?

A:  Scooters need to be returned and checked in by a HTM representative at one of our rental locations.  **REMINDER** You are liable for the scooter or rental unit until is has been returned and checked in by a HTM representative.

Q23:  Can I leave the fairgrounds with the scooter?

A:  This is not permitted for liability and safety reasons. 

Q24:  Can I keep the rental unit over night if I rent for several days and I am in the campgrounds by the fairgrounds?

A:  No, you must return and pick up the rental unit on a daily basis.  We charge you on a daily basis for the rental unit.

Q25:  Does the Damage Insurance cover if the rental unit is stolen?

A:  No, you are responsible for returning the scooter.  We suggest that you do not leave the rental unit unattended in order to avoid this possibility. 

Q26:  How do I lock a scooter if I need to get off for some reason?

A:  There is not a way to lock the scooter but we suggest that you take the key out of the ignition when off the scooter and to not leave the scooter unattended. ** Each scooter is identified by a 4 digit white number on the front of the unit and also we Tag your scooter with your name.  We put this tag on your baskets so when you return to your scooter verify that your name is on that scooter as well as matching up the scooter number with the number that is on your rental agreement.  

Q27:  Can I give my grandchild a ride on my lap on the scooter?

A:  No, scooters are designed for single passenger operation and you may not give rides while renting our units.

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